At Five Star Building Corp, we know that a building isn’t simply a structure; it’s a place that holds students, guests, patients—even history. How each place is designed and built will absolutely affect the experience—from a child learning the alphabet to a patient beating cancer. We carry that responsibility from start to finish, and we enjoy doing it.

In fact, we founded Five Star in 2000 with a singular goal: to create spaces that bring out the best in people. We’re devoted to high-quality workmanship, innovative thinking and attention to detail, all of which produces buildings that allow people and businesses to flourish.

We’ve quickly grown into New England’s premiere full-service construction management and general contracting firm. We specialize in education, healthcare, commercial, industrial and historic restoration projects. Clients return to us time and again because:

  • We hire seasoned staff members who are the most talented in their fields.
  • We can take any problem and find a creative solution—not a workaround or a short cut.
  • We work with speed and efficiency, and never forget our commitment to quality.
  • We painstakingly restore historic buildings by utilizing knowledge of past building methods.
  • In healthcare settings, we implement cutting-edge infection control methods that keep patients safe.
  • Our personal touch and attentiveness instills confidence.
  • We’re 100% committed to creating a safe job site for our staff and sub-contractors.
  • We have strong, long-lasting, collaborative relationships with our sub-contractors. We only call on the best.
  • We design with the environment in mind, minimizing our footprint and helping companies meet their sustainability goals.

Do you have a question? Please contact us today. We’d love to hear from you!